We have a variety of tests that serve across industries and sectors in all verticals. Patron's assessment tests are beneficial for corporates during the pre-recruitment process and individuals can use these scientific methods to check their skills and how to improve their rate of acceptance in big corporations. Patron has a pool of august educational and appraisal connoisseurs who make sure that all tests, right from inception, meet the quality norms set by Patron, which are best in industry. The evaluation includes skill set evaluation, knowledge test, talent judgment and ability to handle corporate culture.

Patron Consultancy follows scientific methods and these tests allow us to assess the candidates' professional and personal abilities on different merits and processes. These different processes and analyses allow us to check on the candidates' strengths, skills, emotional qualities, aspirations and values. These methodologies involve objective and detailed study of job-description, tools in industry and general knowledge about the core subject. Each test is customized for the tailored needs of our customers in different domains with complete assay of acts and accountability.

Patron tests start with the basic level where we check the communicative skills and general knowledge. In the second level we delve into the core specialization where we test the specialization and the strengths of candidate. The third level of tests includes the behavioral and personality domain where the commitment and sense of responsibilities are given a go. All these tests are administered in both online and offline modes. We care about the validity of our tests and to check the constant viability of these methods, we go on improving each tool we have developed over the period of time.

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