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The process of receiving or learning new instructions and applying them practically in day to day life is something called as Education. The amount of knowledge gained varies from person to person. Education in today's fast moving world has become the key to survive. Education can either be through the process of learning or by work.

iTeach All is all about educating individuals in the field of those three subjects which are considered to be one of the most important domains in the field of education and they are - Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry. Another important vertical which is been included in the iTeach All is GMAT, which can be considered to be a part of Mathematics, as the vocabulary section of GMAT is not covered. Not just specific to students going to lower secondary levels or under graduate levels, but this application is also useful for those who are pursuing their post graduate studies or PhDs. Not just student specific, but this app is also recommended for professors, lecturers who can quickly grab useful information or any formula on the spot. Apart from the useful information and formulas, other important features are periodic table showing all the elements with temperature variation, GMAT tips & tricks which is very useful for applicant appearing for not only GMAT exam, but also any other competitive exam. It provides useful methods which are simple to understand, and helps you in solving complex equations with minimal efforts. It is a tutor to quicken your test taking abilities.

This application is designed by team Patron, and verified and checked by professionals who hold a Master's degree from University of Leicester, UK & San Jose State University, California.

Some Key features of iTeach are:
  • Contains more than 1000 formulas in Maths, Physics & Chemistry

  • Useful for everyday classes.

  • Contains tips & Tricks under GMAT Maths, helping you to solve complex problems without

    the usage of calculator.

  • Provides you with tips for how to solve complex equations and face competitive

    examinations like GMAT, CAT, GRE, SAT.

  • Provides various methodologies and tips to tackle problems.

  • Easy drag & drop tool to find whatever you need with minimal fuss.

  • Periodic table with temperature variation shows how the elements behave under varying


  • Option of pinch and zoom out for better visibility of content.

  • Provides you with the option of copy & paste any part of the content with diagram.

  • The only complete educative app having both landscape and portrait view for better


What makes iTeach All different from other apps is the amount of content, information and ease of access to any chapter with minimum efforts. It is true and a well know fact that there are good books available in the market, Sources from internet...etc, where information related to maths, physics and chemistry is easily available, but Patron provides a more mobile, flexible, easy and dynamic platform which helps anyone to revise as and when required

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