We have a professionals set of hiring gurus which will help you organize manpower through the following methods:

A. Initial Screening

The main purpose of initial screening is to filter out unsuitable candidates and amass a pool of promising candidates for the next round of interviews, thereby saving valuable time and energy.

The objectives of the initial screening are

  • To familiarize ourselves with the candidates' backgrounds and overall eligibility of candidature
  • To understand and match the candidates' skills, areas of expertise and experience with the client requirements
  • To assess overall fit of the candidate within the client's team and organization culture

  • We employ various methods for initial screening of candidates.

  • Face-to-face screening

    Our interviewers identify a candidate's fit in aspects like qualifications, work experience, background, character, intelligence, etc.

  • Telephonic screening

    The telephone interview is a quick and cost-effective way to assess a pool of eligible candidates and identify the people the client would be interested in. Our team assesses the candidates' skills and work experience over the phone and identifies how these will translate into the client's work environment.

  • Email screening

    The candidates are assigned sets of predefined questions about their qualifications, work experience, employment eligibility, logical reasoning abilities, job-related behavioral competencies and emotional intelligence.

  • B. Interview Scheduling

    This is a standalone application which helps in managing the complete interview process from initiating interview dates, inviting applicants, scheduling the proper one-on-one interviews to extracting reports.

    C. Telephonic Interviews

    The online world has given companies and experts a large pool of resumes to choose from. Once the CV makes the first eye cut, the candidate is likely to receive a call. The first conversation dictates whether the candidate meets the minimum criteria for selection. Telephonic interview rounds can be a time saving step in the recruitment process. Our panel of experts conducts the first round of telephonic screening of candidates. We have developed templates and designs which help in differentiating candidates better. We keep a track of our telephonic interview screening and later use it to improve our quality process in selection process.

    D. Test Invigilation

    Patron has a team of highly skilled coordinators to invigilate various tests being conducted. This team ensures smooth management of test operations right from administering the test to the candidates to collecting their responses and tracking their scores.
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