Patron Technosoft India Private Limited expertises in custom mobile application development (MAD) offering quality services in developing apps on various platforms like iOS Application development, Android Application development, Blackberry Application Development and Windows Application development. We at patron, provide full spectrum of MAD that encompasses the entire mobile application development cycle from initial design and architecture to development and integration.

Patron's R&D constantly focuses on developing apps that are more customers centric and being used on a daily basis. Mobile application is considered as a multi-layered application starting from understanding the definition of mobile application, understanding the key component, learning scenario, understanding the key patterns, technology consideration and the design & implementation part.

With the changing trend where people always want to be connected, people are moving beyond the world of desktops and laptops and preferring smart phones which make them more comfortable in accessing any information from any part of the world.

Patron also considers request for developing apps on any platform. Whether it is converting an existing app or creating a new one, Patron works very closer with the clients to develop app from the scratch. Developing an innovative app is only possible with a better research and development team which follows a systemized UI and prototype for successful completion of any app.

a. iOS Mobile Application Development:

Every since Apple launched its first smart phone, the craze for iPhone/iPad developed at a fast rate and so apps. According the stats, a growing number of consumers are accessing the internet and visiting websites via the iPhone and iPad. Thanks to Mr. Steve Jobs, the co-founder and former chief executive officer of Apple Inc.., who actually made it possible for Apple to enter the cellular phone business with the innovative development of iPhone, a multi touch display smart phone, which also included the features of the iPod and with its own mobile browser, revolutionised the mobile browsing scene.

Patron's skilled and experienced SDK Programmers are constantly focusing on developing apps for iPhone and iPads. Our team has an extensive experience on Mac OS X application, iPhone simulators, Xcode environment and iPhone architecture. Applications are developed using Objective C language using Xcode IDE.

Patron is constantly working hard in developing applications for iPhone in categories:
  • Business App
  • Multimedia App
  • Educative App
  • Game App
  • Entertainment App
  • Finance App
  • Utility App

  • Patron also focuses in developing enterprise apps for companies based on their portfolio and requirements.

    Patron is also working in developing apps in the field of Banking, medical and financial services and always come up with creative suggestions to get the best output.

    b. Android Application Development:

    Patron offers Mobile Application development for Android platform. Android software development is the process by which new applications are created for Android operating system. Applications are developed using Java programming language. Android is a framework developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Patron has a separate set of professionals who are well experienced on the Android SDK, which includes a debugger, libraries, emulator, documentation, libraries and sample code.

    The officially supported IDE for android platform is Eclipse.

    Patron offers extensive range of Android application development that varies from simple Android games to complex enterprise level applications.

    c. Windows Application Development:

    Windows mobile programming is a dependable and rich mobile operating system, targeted at feature packed smart phones that run on windows platform.

    Windows phone is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation and is the successor to its Windows Mobile Platform. Windows Phone is more focused on consumer market rather than enterprise market. Windows phone 7.5 also codenamed as MANGO is a major software update for Windows Phone by Microsoft. Patron has rich experienced team who are into windows Application development on for different mobile platforms. We can develop different kind of high end custom windows mobile solutions based on the specific business requirements using cutting edge technologies.

    Our services in the field of Windows Phone include:
  • Custom windows phone 7 app development
  • High end apps on Gaming Platform
  • Web apps that run on cross platform
  • Windows phone 7 software update and maintenance
  • Apps based on categories like Education, Media, Entertainment, Social Networking...Etc
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